Peter Verhoef (Netherlands)

Design of industrial refrigeration installations, Energy Efficiency and Mechanical Engineering

Verhoef started his career with the renowned Dutch science and innovation center TNO as a researcher in fluid dynamics and refrigeration. From 1979 onwards, he worked as a contractor, in order to get more feeling for the practical side of the industry. Five years later, he started his own consultancy firm, working for logistic service companies, fruit and vegetable auctions, wholesale companies, import and export companies and assisting in the design and construction of cold stores, trans-shipment centers, sorting and packing stations, and processing plants.

Application of newly developed technologies like CO2 refrigeration, solar powered cooling, wind powered drinking water production, etc. are some of the firms spearheads. Fruit exporters in Ghana and Mali benefited from its expertise. Sorting and conditioning stations have been developed for pineapple, mango, banana and more traditional fruits.
The Netherlands is really a transit country; Verhoef has quite a reputation in the port of Rotterdam, the Greenery International auctions and … the flower auction of Aalsmeer.

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