Gerrit Vroege (Netherlands)

Architecture, Design, and Civil and Structural Engineering

With experienced architects and constructors within reach, Gerrit Vroege´s consultancy has worked on a large number of projects with regard to cold storage, warehousing and fish processing since 1988. There is no other country in the world that has more cold store capacity per resident or square kilometer than the Netherlands (12.000.000m³); over 5.000.000m³ in the port of Rotterdam alone. Vroege can easily be called the “godfather” of the Dutch refrigerated warehouse industry; no other Dutchman was involved in more cold store projects than him.

Another, perhaps typically Dutch, specialization of Vroege´s consultancy is the design of fish processing plants. Besides in the Benelux, projects were undertaken in for instance Portugal, Sudan, Russia, Poland, Egypt, and Romania. This involves writing a program of demands, provisional design, engineering, tendering documents, and construction management.

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