Yves Wild (Germany)

Ocean Transport & Reefer Containers

Yves Wild is a specialist in ocean transport and reefer containers. He has an educational background in marine engineering and law and works as an independent consultant since 1993, often involved in the evaluation of causes of refrigerated cargo claims for insurance companies or courts. He also troubleshoots technical problems on any kind of refrigeration systems for A/C or industrial applications using own measurement equipment.

As an independent expert he participated in several research projects on the transport of reefer containers on board seagoing vessels. For insurance companies he carries out risk analyses on cold stores and refrigerated production plants. He is a member of the development team of the CCQI (Cool Chain Quality Indicator) standard which was developed in 2004/2005 and chairman of the Technical Committee Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation of the German Naval Society.

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