Koenraad Van Simaey (Vietnam/Belgium)

Architecture, Design, Engineering and Project Management

Based in Vietnam since 1992, Koenraad Van Simaey and his 10 well educated engineers are the “field office” of in South East Asia covering countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc. Van Simaey and his crew speak the languages of the region, including Chinese in order to communicate effectively with all local clients and their specialists.

For many years he was a technical engineer, working for one of the world’s leading insulation panel manufacturers with plants in Europe and Asia where he learned do’s and don’ts of the cold store engineering and construction business. As agent/distributor for racking systems, forklifts, lightening etc he became more and more involved in warehouse operations. His international expertise in combination with his European experience in the temperature controlled logistics industry puts him in a good position to take the latest technology and standards to the dynamic Asian markets where cold storage, warehousing, and logistics are booming due to the economical growth in the region.

Van Simaey understands the Asian mentality and way of thinking. In combination with the ColdStoreDesign-partners in Europe he is able to offer customized solutions to Asian entrepreneurs.

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