Projects overview

The track record number one focuses on implemented projects involving design, architecture, engineering and construction management.

Middle East - Asia - Africa - North/Central America
Western Europe - Central/Eastern Europe


DailyFresh France
Pre-design, design, tendering and construction management of a refrigeration system for a logistics hub for fruits and vegetables to the UK.

Theeuwen Coldstore B.V.
Reconstruction and engineering of shuttle system of semi-automated cold store.

Eurofrigo B.V. Rotterdam
Concept development, design, technical engineering and construction management of state-of-the art cold storage and handling facility.

Nova Natie Port Logistics Belgium
Pre-Design study public refrigerated warehouse including market research, cooling capacities and rough cost estimation.

Haluco Distribution centre
Design refrigeration plant including energy efficiency system for cold storage and wholesale area of fruit and vegetables.

Harmsen en De Groot
Expertise reports on damages of kiwi, garlic and citrus products.

Frigo Scheveningen
Cold storage design and construction management.

Bochi Fruittrade
Cold storage for fruit and vegetables on behalf of trading company.

Partner Logistics Europe
Analysis and report on energy efficiency of CO2 refrigeration installation.

Coldstar Distribution N.V. Belgium
Management consultancy and operational support for warehousing and secondary distribution operation including restructuring of processes.

Vrieshuis Vrolijk IJmuiden
Design, engineering and construction management of fish products refrigerated warehouse.

Kloosterboer Vlissingen
Inspection garlic refrigerated warehouse on refrigeration capacity, equipment and humidity.

HaGé International
Design of refrigeration plant for cold stores and distribution centre for fruit & vegetable wholesale activity.

Progres Espel B.V./Phaff Export Marketing
Marketing support for export of added value vegetable products to Germany.

Cold store Dintelmond
Renovation of multi-client cold stores.

Van Geest International
Upgrading and modernization of cooling facilities.

Benafrio Benavente
Concept development, design, engineering and management construction of cold storage.

T. van Noort
Cold store and distribution center for mushrooms.

Leerdammer Company
Design refrigeration installation of cheese processing plant including storage and handling.

Kloosterboer Cold Stores
Market analysis of warehousing and value added service opportunities of chilled and frozen agricultural products.

Katwijk Cold Store Services
Cold store construction project management.

Development of Good Practice guidance for cooling facilities.

Peter Hendriks
Distribution center fruit & vegetables / wholesale and cold storage.

Frigolanda Cold Logistics Germany
Management consultancy cold storage and refrigerated warehousing activities.

Frigo Group Nieuw-Vennep
Design, technical engineering and construction management of cold storage facility.

Frukar B.V.
Districenter fruit and vegetables wholesale and cold storage facilities.

Veiling REO
Belgian auction house (Roeselaere); hall conditioning and cold storage for fruit and vegetables.

Management consultancy on the strategic re-positioning of warehousing and distribution activities of chilled and frozen foods.

Fish processing and cold storage facility; design and construction management.

De Aviateur
Refrigeration plant and energy saving; cold storage of bakery products.

Castecool Ireland
Management consultancy business opportunities Central and Eastern Europe.

Koelhuis Zuid-Beijerland
Design and engineering of cold store control equipment for preserving seed and consumption potatoes.

Nieuwsblad Transport
Guest-editor chilled and frozen food business and warehousing and distribution issues.

Fruit & vegetables distribution center ? cold storage and wholesale.

Eurofrigo Maasvlakte
Design refrigeration system for multi client and multi product cold storage facility.

Ficovan Holding Belgium
Management support; sales of warehouse and distribution activities.

Frigo Group Breda
Distribution center chilled and frozen products; design and cold storage construction management.

Royal van Namen
Distribution centre for fruit & vegetables.

The Greenery International
Various projects: cold storage, hall conditioning and cold rooms for fruit & vegetables.

Seaport of Amsterdam/IJmuiden
Operational support attracting flows of perishable produce and cold stores/ refrigerated warehouse investors.

Fix Fish
Construction management and design of fish processing plant and cold storage facility.

Environmental licensing for bakery activities of regional supermarket chain.

Minnaar UK
Distribution centre fruit & vegetables and cold storage facility for fruit and vegetable wholesale activities.

Irish Food Board/Phaff Export Marketing
Research for opportunities for chilled/frozen foods in Dutch food retail industry; interviews with category managers of leading Dutch retailers.

Eurofrigo Venlo
Cold store design, engineering and construction management.

Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer
Hall conditioning and energy efficiency system for leading Dutch flower auction.

Distribution centre for wholesale and cold storage activities.

Frigo Las Palmas
Management consultancy, concept development and design of refrigerated warehouse.

Veiling Zaltbommel
Hall conditioning, cold storage and design of cold rooms for auction house of Dutch fruit and vegetables.

DC AGF Dekamarkt
Design of energy efficient refrigeration system for distribution centre of fresh and chilled products of this supermarket chain.

Sealane Cold Storage
Market research on product flows of orange and apple juices in Europe.

Frigo Group 's-Heerenberg
Full-service project management: design, technical engineering, construction management.

Supermarket group; refrigeration plant design, energy saving, MJA.

Tiefkühlcenter Bocholt Germany
Management consultancy and -support and project management.

Veiling ZON
Hall conditioning system, refrigeration equipment and cold storage on behalf of this major fruit and vegetable auction.

Kloosterboer Group Vlissingen
Construction management of cold store expansion.

Van Bon Coldstores B.V.
Design and construction management of multi-purpose cold storage operation.

Vejle Cold Stores Denmark
Management support for automated high bay cold storage and semi automated distribution centre chilled and frozen foods.

Eurofrigo Roermond
Design, engineering, construction management of refrigerated warehouse.

Fruit & vegetables / wholesale area; cold storage facilities and distribution centre.

Wageningen University
Management support in humidity control in cold stores research.

HenZON Logistiek / Veiling ZON
Strategic reorientation; reorganization logistic department and merger.

Poiesz Supermarkten
Supermarket refrigeration, energy saving, MJA.

eQUAKE e-Business consultants
Advise regarding e-logistic affairs and distribution challenges.

Utrecht Cold Stores
Consultancy concerning technical engineering of this high bay (20 m) refrigerated warehouse.

Distribution center and storage; wholesale activities.

Seabrex Rotterdam
Design refrigeration systems; multi-client and multi-product trans-shipment centre.

Bertus Dekker Seafood
Fish processing and cold storage facility. Design and construction management.


Simplot U.S.A./Phaff Market Development
Feasibility study for introduction of frozen avocado products in Western Europe in food retail and food service.

World Food Logistics Organization USA
Member of the Southern Africa Assessment Mission on Cold Chain & Association Building.

International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses
Global organization for leading temperature controlled logistic companies; representation in Europe, Middle East and Northern Africa.

Quick Frozen Foods International USA
Guest-editor for warehousing, transportation and distribution affairs.

Harbour Cold Stores Jamaica
Pre-Design study combination dedicated, multi client and multi temperature cold store and distribution operation in the Kingston port.


Vision Investment Services Oman
First phase feasibility study cold store network Middle East

AL RAI Logistica Kuwait
Feasibility study expansion warehouses

RISCO Cold stores and Transportation Kuwait
Strategic Reorientation study including SWOT analysis, strategy, policy- and action plans.

Design, tendering and construction management distribution center for frozen food.


Cordial Romania
Fish processing plant and cold store; project management incl. design and engineering.

Petro Cold Store Saint Petersburg
Cold store design, engineering and construction management.

Interfinance Group Russia
Market research on business opportunities cold store in Moscow including benchmarking US and European seaports.

Macromex Frozen Foods Romania
Assessment design, concept, operational efficiency, energy savings and cold supply chain.


Global Cold Chain Alliance China
Market study, analysis and recommendation regarding developments cold store market China.

Tesco DC - Ipoh Malaysia
Design and engineering of 15.000m? distribution center for Tesco Malaysia.

Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam
Construction of the food processing center of 6 whole sale markets in Vietnam.

EME/Antara Vietnam
Research and market analysis.

Javitrans Vietnam
Design, engineering, and construction of a 3PL cold store in Ho Chi Minh City.

Fortune GP Farms (Lanka) Ltd. Sri Lanka
Construction management of a chicken breeding factory .

TCC Cold Storage Vietnam
Multi-client cold store in Ho Chi Minh City including mobile racking, blast freezer, and repacking area.

East West Seed Vietnam
Construction of a temperature-controlled seed factory.

LTS Cold Storage Supplies Malaysia
Construction of a 3.000 pallet cold store with mobile racking.

Seaprodex Da Nang Vietnam
Pre-design and construction of cold store and fish processing plant in Ho Chi Minh City.

Big C Supermarket Vietnam
Construction of the food preparation department in a 15.000m2 hypermarket.

CP Klang Thailand
Pre-design study, design and construction of a cold store; capacity 6.000 pallets.

Ut Xi Aquatic Products Processing Co. Vietnam
Fish processing company; 5,000 pallet storage room with mobile racking.

Kim Anh Company Ltd. Vietnam
Pre-design and construction of 3 cold stores for a fish processing factory with a total of 8.000 pallet positions.

PT Bumi Menara Internusa Indonesia
Distribution company; construction of 18.000 pallet cold store with mobile racking.

Minh Phu Seafood Corporation Vietnam
Fish processing and storage room in the Mekong delta.

Cafatex Fishery Joint Stock Corporation Vietnam
Private cold store with 6.000 pallet positions in the Mekong delta.


Kotoka Airport Accra Ghana
Pre-design and design of refrigeration system for an airport logistics centre for fruits and vegetables.

Shed 9 Tema Harbor Ghana
Pre-design, design, tendering and construction management of a refrigeration system for a logistics centre for pineapples and bananas.

PLAZA Bamako Mali
Pre-design, design, tendering and construction management of a refrigeration system for a logistics centre for fruits and vegetables.

This list of project examples is not exhaustive; the expertise of the specialists goes considerably further and covers nearly all conceivable cold chain issues.