Eric Vandenbussche (Belgium)

Logistic Process Analysis, (Re)Design & Project Management

Eric Vandenbussche is an expert in analysing, (re)designing, and restructuring logistic processes and managing the implementation. He has a background in electronics and engineering and for over 20 years has held different management positions, being responsible for shipping, warehousing and logistics in various industrial sectors. In all these environments he has been able to improve efficiency and productivity significantly.

Since 10 years, he works as an independent consultant, specialized in designing, restructuring and optimizing warehousing and distribution concepts, order pick strategies, replenishment technology, etc. Many of the projects in his port folio are related to the chilled and frozen food processing industry and the 3PL service providers and up to ten assignments include analysis of logistic flows/processes and pre-design of high-bay fully automated warehouses and semi-automated order picking in both crane and shuttle operations.

His core competences include as well ERP/WMS selection advice, pre-design of distribution centres for fruit distributors and screening/restructuring of logistic processes throughout the food manufacturing and food distribution chain.

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