Information is the key to better decision-making of  management; education is the key to better performance of employees. Both will result in higher revenues and lower operational costs. We design customized training & education programs and contribute to educational events.

As specialists in cold store operation and management and the safe, efficient and reliable handling and distribution of chilled and frozen products through the cold supply chain, our experts are involved in the organization of several events throughout the year, on different continents.
Sometimes we take full responsibility, including profit and loss; sometimes a local organizer requires assistance with attracting speakers, sponsors and participants.

Our experts have contributed as speakers to many programs around the world. All affiliated specialists have extensive experience with transferring knowledge to groups and with giving presentations. If you are considering setting up an educational cold chain logistics activity, we can be of assistance in many different ways.

As speakers, we could cover subjects like:

  • Modern Refrigerated Warehouse Management & Operations
  • Trends and Developments in the cold supply chain
  • KPIs and Benchmarks from around the world
  • Design of Safe and Efficient Cold Stores
  • Food Safety/Quality and Post Harvest Methods

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