Arne Martinsen (USA)

Ocean Transportation & Cargo Handling

Arne Martinsen has his education and early experience in engineering and marine transportation from his native Norway. Upon arrival in the United States he worked for Carrier Corporation’s Marine Division as West Coast Regional Manager. Subsequently, as an independent international consultant over the last 30 years, Arne Martinsen has worked worldwide in shipping and terminal management, with logistics solutions for refrigerated and other unitized breakbulk cargoes, and for containerized cargoes.

He has participated in the planning and development of shipping programs, ports and inland distribution systems via road, railroad, and waterways throughout the Americas including all of Latin-America, in Europe including Russia, Turkey and Spain, and most recently in the Far East. Arne Martinsen’s strength is in assessment of integrated projects from technical and logistical solutions through the financial viability tests.

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