Stephen Neel (USA)

Meat Industry Specialist & Technical Consultant

Dr. Stephen Neel’s is an expert in the development, implementation and evaluation of marketing programs and market driven research. He has created, implemented and evaluated large-scale market research programs, including an international beef quality audit, a multi-national pork competitiveness study, and an international pork quality audit. His technical education and strong marketing background provide a unique combination of attributes to evaluate and understand international market development needs and trends.

Stephen Neel has been responsible for coordinating and conducting over 30 trade teams to the U.S. from emerging markets as well as "reverse teams" of U.S. companies to foreign markets for trade activities, tours and food shows. He has designed and developed professional brochures, pamphlets, training manuals, etc and conducted several "train the trainer" programs, training sessions and food safety training seminars, particularly HACCP-based, in order to enhance the quality, safety and processing efficiency of slaughterhouses and meat processors. His expertise covers the areas of animal to human, foodborne, waterborne and airborne disease minimization and control.

Neel’s work for the meat industry has taken him to over 70 countries to conduct facility audits, cutting demonstrations, marketing presentations and efficiency reviews. His goal during these tours was to facilitate the technology transfer of "no-cost and low-cost" methods for improving meat safety, worker efficiency while enhancing product quality. He has conducted over 300 facility audits in foreign countries and some 200 tours of meat packing, processing and cold storage facilities in the United States.

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