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Sale of your cold store


Selling company shares successfully.

Selling your company is the most important business deal of your life. Together with your family and your team, you have guided the company through difficult times for many years with great dedication and commitment and now you are considering the sale.

Of course, the money is important, but you also want to make sure your employees are well cared for under the new ownership. Perhaps you or your children want to keep a portion of the shares. Or maybe your children want to further develop themselves within the company and realize expansions that require attracting an investor.


Valuation of your cold store.

Obviously, this is a crucial part of the process that is not only fascinating but can also be stressful. Turnover and profit results of the past years naturally form the basis for the valuation, but there are many other aspects that come in to play.

You or your controller/accountant may have some idea of the value. But perhaps that estimate is based too much on feelings or incorrect assumptions. An impartial outsider with an understanding of the market and the players in that market can protect you from overestimating but certainly also from underestimating the value.


Delivering industry specific expertise.

We have the knowledge you require to sell your business, without leaving value on the table. The sale of a mid-sized logistics service provider mainly revolves around numbers. Undoubtedly, your controller or external financial advisor will be there to guide you through that process. Excellent. However, potential investors will also pay a lot of attention to industry-specific risks.

We will then focus on advising you on the specific implications and the special rules of the game for cold stores, based on our successful experiences. With our industry specific expertise, we make your company shine.


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Why coldstore expertise center

Van Sambeeck & Partners

Theo van Sambeeck; a cold store veteran.

With over 35 years of experience in the cold storage and logistics industry, Van Sambeeck is truly one of the veterans … Educated in management and marketing, Van Sambeeck started his career in food retail and later worked for three fast moving consumer goods companies. He then was appointed managing director of one of the leading Dutch, multi-facility cold store groups and managed its major transition plus several expansions.

In 1995, he started as an independent consultant to the cold storage industry. As a sparring partner for cold store owners, he advised on management and operational issues and was involved as well in concept development and design of cold stores in several countries.

With a huge network in the industry.

On top of that Van Sambeeck served as European Director two leading cold store associations – the International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses (IARW) and the European Cold Storage and Logistics Association (ECSLA) – which connected him to hundreds of European cold stores.

In this role he initiated annual benchmark studies, organized best practice tours and numerous practice-oriented workshops and seminars.

With his unique knowledge and insight in the European cold store industry plus his huge network, he is well positioned to supply strategic advice to European cold store owners and support them when considering the sale of (a part of) the company shares.
Theo van Sambeeck

Strategic advice and M&A support. is a flexible network of European specialists, initiated by Van Sambeeck. Many are independently operating management consultants and engineers. The group specializes in warehousing of perishable food products and provides a range of services associated with cold store management and operations including conceptual design of facilities, etc.

In recent years, the emphasis has shifted to strategic advice and M&A support for cold store owners, as a result of big interest of investors in the cold storage and logistics industry.

Unique group of specialized partners.

Through the many consultancy projects and the relationship with both IARW and ECSLA, we are familiar with many of the large and mid-sized refrigerated storage facilities throughout Europe. has a unique knowledge of and insight in the European 3PL cold store and logistic service providers and supplies management consultancy services to numerous clients. This unique group of European specialists has joined forces on a project basis in a dynamic, flexible, and inspiring partnership since 2008.

We listen. We promise. We deliver.

With more than 100 completed projects

How we will assist you

Pre-sale orientation meeting.

Occasionally you wonder if, and if so when, and to whom you would like to sell your cold store. Is this really the right time? And who might be interested?

And what will the sale mean for myself, my family, and employees? And what would be the bottom line for me as the owner?

As an experienced and professional M&A sparring partner we can answer the many questions you have and provide insight into how a potential investor views the strengths and weaknesses of your company and where the challenges and growth opportunities lie.

Indicative value estimation.

Using our 20-points checklist we will go over the historical and current financial results with you, but will also discuss the cold store specific aspects that a potential buyer takes into account when calculating the value.Based on this, we will draw up a value estimation.

This will provide a realistic indication with a minimum and maximum foreseeable sale price. Together with your team you can internally evaluate the financial consequences for you and / or your family. On request, we can also assist with putting together an attractive sales memorandum to present the company in the best possible way to the potential buyer or investor.

Identify best potential buyer.

This is the time when together we discuss the pros and cons of potential buyers that come to mind. Perhaps a domestic or foreign cold store owner or perhaps an investor with a special interest in this industry.
In close consultation with you, we will select attractive option(s) and approach those parties confidentially.

If seriously interested we will arrange a meeting at your facility, prepare that together with you, lead the meeting and support you and your team.
If both parties want to continue, we will be happy to assist you further in the process if so desired.

We listen. We promise. We deliver.

This unique group enjoys an excellent reputation


Our approach, practical and realistic

The shortcut to your goal.

We know cold store owners to be very hands-on, practical, and no-nonsense people who like to take the shortest route to their goal. That is how we work too.

No drawn-out administrative process, no bulky reports, but get to the heart of the matter quickly and provide pragmatic advice. We can assist you through the entire process, but our added value as cold store specialists especially comes into its own at the very first stage, before there even is a process to speak of.

# AT NO COST. If we get your permission and can successfully introduce you to a potential buyer, you will receive a credit of the invoiced consultancy fees.

Examples from everyday practice

A thriving, third generation cold store company with various facilities (72,000 pallet positions), divided over two countries is market leader in an attractive segment of the market.
The owners (a middle-aged son and his father) recognize the need to operate within a larger network so that they can create an even more sustainable company for the next generations. Three children work in the company, are developing well and want to take over the business in due course. A strategic decision is made to grow alongside the largest customers, partly abroad, which requires several substantial investments. The (grand) father, who through the years has reinvested all his profits, feels this is the right time to secure his “retirement provision”.
With the sale of 66,6% of the shares, all objectives can be achieved and sufficient equity capital remains available for the family to invest together with the investor on a 1/3 basis.

A logistics company that started about 30 years ago and currently consists of 2 cold stores and a fleet of 10 reefer trucks.
At the time, there were five investors, one of whom led the company as Chairman of the Board and was in contact with the management, if needed, on a daily basis.
Now the majority of the investors actually wants to “cash out”, while the market is in fact asking to invest even more. In upscaling the operations plus in latest technology and automation in order to maintain the position and to guarantee long term continuation of the company.
With all the loyal employees and customers in mind, a solid investor is eventually sought and found with a long-term vision, who buys 100% of the shares and makes the necessary in-depth investments. The current management team continues to manage the logistics company.

A cold store owner with three facilities and a total of 63,000 pallet positions, many value-added services plus a transport department has ambitious expansion plans. Despite his relatively young age (45 years), he is considering selling some of his shares.
In recent years, his customers have been offering increasingly larger volumes that he does not want to send to a colleague.
His revenue and EBITDA are satisfactory, but for his plan for a 30,200-pallet partly automated cold store, he needs a financial partner with a long-term vision. Moreover, the ideal partner should have expertise in automated warehouse processes and offer an international platform so the company can follow its international customers abroad. With a partner like this, his cold store will be better equipped against the new, immense competitors that have emerged in the European market as a result of consolidation. Ultimately, he sells 75% of the shares and invests in this new facility together with the partner.

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