is a unique group of international cold supply chain experts and cold storage, distribution and temperature-controlled logistics specialists that have joined forces in a dynamic, flexible, and inspiring partnership to best serve companies and individual entrepreneurs around the globe. Depending on the client’s required specialization, temporary or semi-permanent collaboration is established in order to utilize all necessary expertise, while avoiding fixed costs.

State-of-the-art facilities in accordance with international standards for logistic excellence at the lowest operational costs. Support from experts for logistic service providers, investors, architects and engineering companies with pre-design, final design, engineering and architecture, tendering and construction supervision.
Consultancy on cold store operations and management, distribution, transportation, and cold supply chain issues for perishable food. Specialized assistance with increasing revenues and minimizing operational costs, reducing post-harvest losses, improving food quality and food safety, and strengthening food logistics infrastructures.
Customized training, educational events, and study tours dedicated to cold chain logistics management and operations. Information is the key to better decision-making of management; education is the key to better performance of employees. Both will result in higher revenues and lower operational costs.
There can be many different reasons for considering a partnership, joint venture, or acquisition of a business, like globalisation of the industry, upscaling of operations, or the desire to offer a more extensive network to clients. Guidance of truly niche-market specialists with large international networks for your shortest road to success.


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